Garlic Health Benefits

Garlic contains cancer prevention agents that help the body’s defensive components against oxidative harm. High dosages of garlic supplements have been displayed to expand cell reinforcement compounds in people, just as essentially lessen oxidative pressure in those with hypertension.




Size: 8-15 mm

Application: Garlic flakes are mainly used in canned soups, salads, hamburgers, gravies, pizzas & other fast-food preparations where garlic appearance & textures are desired.



Size: 1-3 mm

Application: Minced garlic is used for bottled packs for retail stores used in sauces, salad dressings canned & prepared foods, meatballs, dry casserole mixes. Mainly where smaller pieces than flakes are required.



Size: 0.2-0.85 mm

Applications: Granulated Garlic is used in salad dressing, gravies, sauces, seasonings, cheese snacks, and such. Extensively used in bottle packs or garlic salt retail sales. Mainly used where rich flavor and texture are essential than size



Size: <60

Application: Garlic powder is used mainly in soups, sauces, seasoning, gravies, blends, meat products, seafood, canned meat & vegetable products, cheese, crackers, snacks, and butter spreads. Mainly where flavor is demanded.

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